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CAT 125: Finance



Vault Guide to Finance Interviews

Ace Your Case series

Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews

Wall Street Women

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Use Roger, the UCSD Library catalog, to find more items.

Useful subjects are:

  • employment interviewing
  • consultants vocational guidance
  • finance vocational guidance
  • investment banking vocational guidance
  • financial services industry
  • investment banking

Useful titles of book series are:

  • Wiley finance
  • Frank J. Fabozzi


How to Read Like a Pro

Every field and industry has at least one publication that people in the field read to keep up with what's going on. These magazines are in the Library's collections and you can access them and read like any pro in your field! For those exploring careers, they are great sources for inspiration. For job seekers, they are sources that can help you look knowledgable on trends, which can give you an edge for your job interviews and put you at ease for those moments of small talk with a potential employer.

Classic titles are:

Don't Forget:

you have two other great campus resources available to you