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CAT 125: News & Background

How Do I Find More Info on an Organization?

Every mentor, recruiter and job coach will tell you to research the place you are applying to. You can do this at any point. in your process, and it's particularly good before you write your resume and while preparing for an interview. You should look at the company's website, and you should look for independent news sources about the company and its employees. The resources below will help with the news.

Industry Overviews & News

Higher Education News

News about Individual Businesses & Organizations

These resources contain business news and trade journals. Trade journals cover a particular industry and people within that industry read it to keep up with the latest trends. Do you know what trade journals cover the field or profession where you want to work? Here are some examples (hint: they have names that end in Age or World or Week most of the time).

  • Advertising Age or BrandWeek
  • Beverage World
  • Biotech Week
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • ENR (Engineering News Record)
  • Industry Week
  • Billboard, Music Week or Rolling Stone
  • Quill (writers)
  • TWICE (this week in consumer electronics)
  • Variety (entertainment industry)

Why is this important to know? Any industry your target employer belongs to, you can find news about in these kinds of publicaitons. You look informed if you know about and are reading these kinds of news sources.

The news sources below aggregate many business news and trade journals in one place.