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Faculty CV Clinic: Home

Resource guide for the UCSD Staff Education course, Faculty CV Clinic

What is the Faculty CV Clinic?

The Faculty CV Clinic is a 90-minute workshop intended for faculty, staff, or students who want to know more about the licensed databases available from the UC San Diego Library.  It was originally developed for research assistants who need to find out when and where their faculty is publishing, and who is citing their papers.  This class does not cover the formatting of CVs or Biobibliographies.

Topics covered include:

  • The Web of Science Database - what is it?
  • Discover other article databases appropriate to your discipline
  • How to set up author or subject alerts (be notified by email every time a new article is published by that author or on that topic)
  • How to do a cited reference search (find out what other scholars are citing your papers)
  • How to find out a journal's "Impact Factor", or the measure of its importance relative to other journals in the same field

Additional topics if useful:

  • Finding and citing patents
  • Using Researcher IDs/ORCID
  • Open access publishing
  • Research data management


Staff & faculty register through UC Learning Center.  Search on "faculty cv clinic" in the search box.

Or contact me to set up a specialized workshop for your work group.