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LTEA 110A Traditional Chinese Stories: Print Books

Where are the books?

 Two Primary Locations: 

  • 4th floor of Geisel Library - PL section of East Asian Collections 
  • 7th floor of Geisel Library - PL section (English Language) 

Finding Books

1. Start with Roger, the UC San Diego Library catalog.

     Title Search

Chinese Title Pinyin English Translation
中国古典小说名著百部 Zhongguo gu dian xiao shuo ming zhu bai bu  
水浒 Shui hu Outlaw of the Marsh
红楼梦 Hong lou meng Dream of Red Mansion
西游记 Xi you ji Journey to the West
三国演义 San guo yan yi Romance of the Three Kingdom
聊斋志异 Liao zhai zhi yi Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio or Strange Tales of Liaozhai
古今小说 Gu jin xiao shuo Stories Old and New
醒世恒言 Xing shi heng yan Stories to Awaken the World
太平广记 Taiping guang ji Extensive records of the Taiping era (978)
六十家小说/清平山堂话本 Liu shi jia xiao shuo/Qing ping shan tang hua ben  
二刻拍案惊奇 Er ke pai an jing qi Slapping the Table in Amazement (Part II)
警世通言 Jing shi tong yan Stories to Caution the World
笠翁一家言全集 Li weng yi jia yan quan ji  
阅微草堂笔记 Yue wei cao tang bi ji Notes on a Minutely Observed Thatched Hut
狄公案 Di gong an Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee


2. If you don't have an author or title, start with a keyword searchWhen you discover useful resources from a keyword search take a look at the subject headings in the catalog record. Those subject headings are hyperlinked and will take you to related materials.

   Sample subject headings:


Pinyin <-> Wade-Gile Convertion Table

(From Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Select Titles in Geisel (Dictionaries, Book reviews and Criticism)

The Core of Chinese classical fiction / edited by Jianing Chen

Traditional Chinese fiction and fiction commentary : reading and writing between the lines / David L. Rolston

The discourse on foxes and ghosts : Ji Yun and eighteenth-century literati storytelling / Leo Tak-hung Chan

Classical Chinese fiction : a guide to its study and appreciation : essays and bibliographies / Winston L. Y. Yang, Peter Li, and Nathan K. Mao