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Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP): Summer Research Program - Science & Engineering: Journal Articles

Research guide for science and engineering students in the Academic Enrichment Programs (AEP)

Science & Engineering Databases

Article databases are organized by broad subject areas (e.g. chemistry, biology, engineering, etc.), and some are interdisciplinary databases or ones that search across multiple disciplines.  The database you use depends on the topic or subject you have chosen and the type of information you need to access. Here are the principal databases for exploring the science and engineering journal literature, and there may be additional databases found on the subject guides.

Multidisciplinary Databases - Good places to start if you're not sure which databases to try

Subject-Specific Databases

Google Scholar

Bonus search tip: Google Scholar is a useful tool because it searches within the full text of articles. It's most useful when your topic is so narrow that you don't find much using the subject-specific databases. But it lacks some of the features to refine search results.

How Do I Get the Article?

In most of our databases, you'll see this button next to each reference: .  Clicking this button may open up the article automatically, or you will see options to get the article:

- Online, if available
- In print
- Request the article if we don't have it.

SciFinder has its own Get Full-Text link option that will bring up the UC-eLinks menu.