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BrowZine - New Article Alerts for Scholarly Journals: BrowZine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. BrowZine supports hundreds of publishers (commercial, society, university presses) across all disciplines. Here's the current publisher list, which includes Oxford, Cambridge, Project Muse and more. It doesn't include JSTOR, but that makes sense since it doesn't provide full text for the most recent 3-5 years for any journal, and BrowZine is an alerting tool for the recent journal issues. But if we have current access to those JSTOR titles elsewhere, you should be able to get to them in BrowZine if those publishers are included.
Through BrowZine, you can access issues and articles of scholarly journals that 1) we license and 2) are covered by BrowZine.

However, if you search for a journal or magazine in BrowZine, you will get a list of any matching licensed titles that aren't covered in BrowZine, with a link back to our regular Journals A-Z (UC-eLinks) database so you can see where we do have access.
You need a BrowZine account to use the personalized features: creating a bookshelf of journals to watch, adding articles to your "My Articles" list, and syncing between mobile devices and web account. But you can browse and search for titles on and scan recent issues and articles without creating an account, provided you're on campus or off campus using VPN.
Off campus, you need VPN turned on to access the actual full-text articles through BrowZine, just as if you were trying to access the journals like you normally would (library databases, UC-eLinks, Google/Google Scholar, etc). Otherwise, you can still access your account, scan tables of contents, and add to My Articles without VPN. On campus, you just need to be on the campus network or protected wifi to access all the features in your BrowZine account.
You can check the list of feature requests to see if someone else has suggested it, vote on the current requests, and even add your own. But let us know what you're suggesting, because that gives us feedback on how BrowZine is working for you and what you think it needs. Or you can send us the suggestions and we'll submit them to Third Iron. You can also suggest they add journals not already covered.