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MED 264: Systematic Reviews: Software & Tools

a resource for finding data sources and standards to support systematic searches of the biomedical literature

Bibliographic Management Software

Use a citation management tool for collecting bibliographic records, for de-duplication, and for organizing the initial screening of systematic reviews. They are powerful, widely available and relatively inexpensive. Whether you use one of the listed products or one of many others, using a tool to collect the citation information for articles, books, or websites will pay off when it is time to write your paper.  These tools incorporate your citations into your manuscript - both in the text and in the bibliography - in the format of your choice.  Take the time to become proficient with these tools - it is time well spent.

Tools & Programs

The University of British Columbia maintains a page that reviews many programs and tools, both for collection and for analyzing systematic reveiw data:

Among the programs to considered are:

Analyze Your PubMed Results

Analyze Your PubMed Results

After identifying several useful articles, use their PMID numbers in the Yale Mesh Analyzer to help flesh out your search & keyword terms.