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BISP 191: Transfer Opportunities for Success (TOpS): Find Books & eBooks

UCSD Library resources & services for transfer students in the Division of Biological Sciences.

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Use the UCSD Catalog Roger to find Books, eBooks, Journal titles, dissertations, etc. owned by the UCSD Library.

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About E-Books

Most of our e-books are in the UCSD Library Catalog, and you can find them by searching within the Electronic Materials subset of the Library Catalog.

Once you're in the e-book collection itself, you can browse by title or search the full-text of the entire collection.

In most collections, you can print/save desired chapters as PDF files. In other collections, you may have limited ability to save or print pages.

If we don't have an e-book you need, check Roger or Melvyl to get a print copy.

For more detailed information about our eBooks collections, using mobile devices, and types of packages, please see our eBooks guide.

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