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MGT 103: Product Marketing and Management: Companies

Use this guide to find content for your marketing plan class assignment.

Brand Background

Find articles about business strategy

Use these two resources for articles about your company's:

  • market strategies
  • finance policy
  • growth strategies
  • human resources & more


Look up a company, then click on the company name to display the full record.

Inspect the links in the right nav box called "Related Topics" - these are more links to articles about your company, focused on business functions like finance, management, products and services, sales and marketing,etc.

Business Source Complete

Do a company search and add a second search term like ‘strategy’ to the search form

What public sources of information are available on my companies?

Basic company history and chronology


Mergent Online - for public companies
Once you look up your company, open the record and look under the "Company Details" tab, then choose History


Summaries of products, customers, competitors

Hoover's Company Reports are included in ProQuest Business Market Research Collection or via Nexis Uni
These reports are a great starting place to understand your company or non-profit organization's function, key leadership, competitors, operation units and products/services.

Mergent Online
under Company Details

Factiva is good for company background, business news and academic articles, and specializes in local and international news in English and many other languages. See the special News Pages tab for browsing.

Wall Street Journal
The fulltext of the WSJ is searchable by topic or browseable by day. It is our only source for fulltext of WSJ online.


What material is there for SWOT analyses?

Business Source Complete

Nexis Uni



What information is there on top management?

Hoovers report content in Nexis Uni
Use the "Company Profiles" search mentioned above.

Mergent Online
Executives tab


Where do I find firm spending on advertising and the advertising agency(s) of record?

Advertising RedBooks and/or look for articles in Nexis Uni, Business Source Complete, BI: Global or Factiva. Also check latest annual report/company financials, if you have a public company..


Where can I get 10-year trends in a company’s financials?

Mergent Online
Equity Pricing tab; also under Company Details - History tab there are easy to find summaries on LTD, changes in business & property holdings, capital stock actions

Company annual reports can be found on public companies' Investor Relations section of their websites. Also we have an archive of annual reports in the Mergent Archives.

How can I figure out my company's organizational structure?

Hoovers Reports and Corporate Affiliations profiles in Nexis Uni - may describe key organizational units

Leadership Directories Online - if you are studying a Fortune 500 company, this directory lists key operating units of a company.

Mergent Online

Uniworld Directories - these may help you understand what units are operating abroad or what international companies have operating units in the U.S.


GuideStar - for non-profit "990 filings" with the IRS. Sign up for free account, and it allows you to login to see the filings, which are like an annual report.


If you have a very small company, or start-up, try these if you can't find anything in the resoures listed above:


Rich's Business Directories for California - Search for biotech and high tech firms located in CA.


Encyclopedia of Associations - For non-profits not covered in the Leadership Directories.

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