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SIO 126 & 126L - Marine Microbiology: Books

Course guide for SIO 126 & 126L Marine Microbiology Class & Lab

UC San Diego Library Catalog

Search for books held by the UCSD Library (including e-books). You also search by title, author or subject, or use the full library catalog for more options.

Searching for Marine Microbiology Books

In Roger, use microb* (with the *) to search on multiple microbiology-related terms: microbial, microbes, microbiological, etc. 


Warning: use this term (microb*), or any broad truncated term (i.e. using the "*" wildcard) WITH your specific subject terms, because used alone in a search they will retrieve very general and large results.

For example: marine microb*, marine microb* biodivers*, sponge microb*, probiotic microb*, etc.


Beyond UCSD - More Catalogs

Roger Search Hints

If you don't have an author or title, start with the keyword search.

Searching marine microbiology is the same as marine and microbiology, and will retrieve only records with both terms.

Searching microbial or microbes will retrieve results with at least one term, giving you a very larger set of results.

Recommended search if using OR:  (microbial or microbes) and marine   

If you see >> Go to electronic version in the record, most of these will be links to the online book, an e-book.