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ECON 162: Economics of Mexico: Country Statistics & Data Sources

These resources are hand-selected for this class because they provide background, country studies, data and academic articles related to the Mexican economy.

Introduction & recommended starting points

Getting current, authoritative economic indicators for a country (or a set of countries) is one of the most common research needs, and a dozen or so publications here answer most of the recurring queries. Far and away our top two statistical publishers are the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which feature suites of key data products.

Prospects for Development: World Bank (news feed)

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iMFdirect: IMF Global Economy Forum (news feed)

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More Global Coverage

Regional Sources

Country Sources

National statistical offices, central banks, and government ministries in most countries offer varying amounts of official country data online. Use these lists to identify sites across the globe.

Developing Country Surveys and Microdata