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LTEA 110C Queer Chinese Cultures: Print Books

a course guide

Finding Books

1. Start with Roger, the UC San Diego Library catalog.

     Title Search (some examples)

Title Author Note
A Private Life Chen, Ran Check Melvyl
Our Stories:  Labor Migration in Taiwan Ku Yu-ling Check Roger
Crystal Boys:  A Novel Bai Xianyong  Check Roger
孽子 白先勇 Check Roger
Queer Asian Cinema ed. Andrew Grossman Check Roger
Emerging Lesbian:  Female Same-Sex Desire in Modern China Sang, Deborah Tze-Ian Check Roger
东宫西宫 王小波 Check Roger
荒人手记 朱天文 Check Roger
也是亚当 也是夏娃 严歌苓 Check Melvyl
桃色嘴唇 崔子恩 Check Roger



2. If you don't have an author or title, start with a keyword searchWhen you discover useful resources from a keyword search take a look at the subject headings in the catalog record. Those subject headings are hyperlinked and will take you to related materials.

   Sample subject headings: 

3.  You can also use Chinese keywords to search in Roger. Some keywords you can search - 酷儿,同志(文学,文化,电影),同性恋 




Pinyin <-> Wade-Gile Convertion Table

(From Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Select Titles in Roger