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POLI 102E/USP 107: Urban Politics (Fall 2016): Books, Media, More

UCSD Library Catalog (Keyword Search)

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Find Books

Search tip: Use Roger to find books (including ebooks) available at the UC San Diego Library, Circuit to find books in other San Diego libraries, or Melvyl to at one of the ten UC campuses or to request a book from libraries around the world. 

Search tip: Remember, though, that you're only searching basic cataloging information about the book (not the book contents itself) so keep your search general.

Begin with a keyword search, for example

[city name] and (poli* or government* or histor*)

(Note that the * is a truncation symbol, e.g. poli* returns results for politic, politics, political, politician, policy, police, etc.)

When you find a record for a book that looks useful, take a look at the subject headings. In Roger, these subject headings are clickable links that run a new search. Searching by these subject headings may help find resources that don't turn up with an initial keyword search. They might also give you ideas of other search terms to use in your keyword search.

Using the Roger Catalog

Catalog Search Tips

One effective way of searching any library catalog is by using Library of Congress subject headings.

Subject headings are "controlled vocabulary" - specific terms assigned by librarians to classify library materials.When conducting a subject search, terms must be entered exactly the way they appear in the library catalog. Examples of potentially useful subject headings include (click each to run a live search in the library catalog):

Try searching your city name as a subject heading 

     City name and first letter of its state [example: New York

Other useful subject headings:

California -- Politics and Government

Municipal Government  - California

Charter Schools--California--San Diego Regional planning
Cities and Towns--California--San Diego San Diego Association of Governments
City Heights (San Diego, Calif.)

San Diego (Calif.) -- History

City Planning -- California--San Diego

San Diego (Calif.) -- Poltiics and Government

Community Development - Urban San Diego City Planning
Economic Development-California

San Diego Community Development

Homeless persons--California Sustainable Development--California--San Diego

Housing - California - San Diego

Transit Oriented Development
Local transit -- California -- Los Angeles Urban Policy-United States
Metropolitan government Urban Transportation--California


One way to find appropriate subject headings is to first start with keyword searching. Go to the Roger catalog and do a simple keyword search, using words that match your topic (e.g. San Diego Association of Governments trans* , or shanghai modernization politic*). As you look through the list of search results and find an item you like, click on the title and then scroll down to find the subject headings used to classify that item. Clicking one of those subject headings will run a new catalog search and retrieve additional materials on that specific subject.


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Google Books search

Bonus search tip: Having trouble finding books using the online catalog? Search the contents of books using Google Books, then do a title search in Roger, Circuit, or Melvyl!

Super bonus tip: Use Google Scholar's "intitle:" limit to search your search term within reference books like encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, etc.