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USP 173 - History/Urban Planning & Design (Winter 2017): Find Books

Books as Research Resources

Books are especially good for finding broad, in-depth analysis of a particular subject. They can generally offer more complete information and greater historical perspective than you will find in journals or other types of sources. Because the publishing cycle can take a year or more, you're not likely to find the very latest information in books.

Finding Books in Roger

Use Roger to find books, ebooks, films/videos, government publications, etc. available at UCSD. 

Begin with a keyword search, such as:

london transport* OR berlin "urban renewal" OR mexico city planning

(Note that the * is a truncation symbol, e.g. plan* returns results for plan, plans, planning, etc.)

When you find a record for a book that looks useful, take a look at the subject headings. In Roger, these subject headings are clickable links that run a new search. Searching by these subject headings may help find resources that don't turn up with an initial keyword search. They might also give you ideas of other search terms to use in your keyword search. Be aware, too, that subject headings change over time, so you may see one that finds a lot of current material but no historical, or vice versa. 

Subject headings that are especially relevant for your research include:

More generalized subject headings, such as those below, will also be helpful. You can often add a geographic location to the end of a subject heading to limit the results to an area of interest; usually, you'll have better luck appending a state or country before a city name (e.g. "housing--florida--miami" instead of "housing--miami", or "land use-china--beijing" instead of "land use--beijing") .  You could also use the Roger catalog advanced search screen to combine multiple search terms. 

Another catalog search tip: use the advanced search in Roger to limit by language.

Library Catalogs

The UCSD Library's Roger catalog is the first stop for finding books, journals, documents, maps and all other material located physically in the UCSD libraries, as well as online resources purchased for your use

Bonus search tip: If you have trouble finding books using online catalogs (Roger, Circuit, Melvyl), you can search the full text of many books using Google Books and/or HathiTrust to identify books of possible interest. When you find a book you like, do a title search in the online catalog to locate it in a library. In most cases, you won't be able to view the actual full text of the book online.

Circuit is a shared library catalog that searches the holdings of all San Diego university libraries and the San Diego County Public Library. If a book you need is already checked out at UCSD, or if or we don't own a book that you need, check in Circuit. If it’s available at another San Diego Circuit library, it can be delivered to UCSD in 1-3 days.

If a book or journal you need isn't available through Roger or Circuit, try the Melvyl catalog. It allows you to search worldwide, or limit your search to UC Libraries. If borrowed from another UC campus, your item should arrive in 3-6 days. From other libraries, books and journals can take up to 3 weeks, so start your research early!

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