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USP 173GS - History/Urban Planning & Design (Summer 2018): Find News Sources

Newspapers as Research Resources

Newspapers are usually a great resource for discovering local history of an area, including planning and development history. Most mainstream newspapers do not offer free access to their archives, but the "current newspaper" sources below provide access to a large number of U.S. and international newspapers. Date coverage for most of these goes back only to around 1996, though.  The historical newspapers guides will lead you to other resources such as databases, microfilm, and online collections that may help in your historical research.

You can search the Roger catalog to discover which newspapers the Library has paid access to. Usually, the best approach for this is to do a keyword search in a section limited to journals and serials. If you don't find anything relevant searching for a city, try expanding to a state or country. (For example, nothing comes up in a search for curitiba newspapers, but there are a few hits for brazil newspapers.)

Current Newspapers

Historical Newspapers

The U.S. Historical Newspapers LibGuide lists a number of newspaper collections, as well as individual newspapers, available at UCSD.

Our primary sources guide includes a newspapers section that links to even more historical newspapers.

Comprehensive Guide to Newspaper Resources