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LTCO 281 - Sinophone Literature and Film: Journals and Newspapers


Journal of Chinese overseas  (UCSD)

Chinese America, history and perspectives (UCSD)

Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies (UCSD)

The international journal of diasporic Chinese studies (UC Berkeley)

Depingxian monthly (UC Berkeley)

Malaysian Journal of Chinese Studies

马来西亚华人硏究学刊  (UC Berkeley)

華僑華人歷史硏究 (UCSD)

南洋學報 = Journal of the South Seas Society (UCSD 1940-52,, UCLA UCB longer run)

马来西亚人文与社会科学学报 = Malaysian journal of humanities and social sciences  (Cornell)

华侨华人文献学刊 (UCB)

海外華文敎育動態 (厦门大学)



金山時報 = Chinese times  (Melvyl)

太平洋週報 = The Chinese Pacific weekly  (Worldcat, Stanford)

時代報 = The San Francisco journal  (Melvyl, UCLA)

Chinese press = 華美週報 (Melvyl, UCLA)

East/ West = 東西報 (Melvyl, UCLA, UCR)



星洲日报 (Melvyl, UCB,)

新明日報 (Worldcat, Stanford)



南洋商报 (Worldcat, Cornell)

北婆年鑑 (Worldcat, Chicago)