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BENG 1: Introduction to Bioengineering: Handbooks

This guide is intended to highlight some of the most useful resources for this class. The majority of the information provided is available only through the library, and not freely on the Web.

Online Handbooks

Using a handbook will help you learn more about your topic and give you an idea of the kinds of primary sources you need to find in article databases. 

Each of these links go to the UCSD Catalog, Roger. Click "link to online version" to access the book. If your are using an off-campus computer, be sure your have your computer configured for remote access.

Database of Handbooks

The following are collections of online reference works.  Included are numerous books on biotechnology and biomedical topics.  The books in there are fully searchable, so you can search multiple titles for a word or phrase.  Many of the books are fairly advanced, but they are great for more in-depth information about a topic.

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