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SE 2: Structural Materials: Citation Help

This guide is intended to highlight the most useful resources for doing research for SE2. The majority of the information provided is subscribed to by the library, and is not available freely on the Web.

Citation Help

Citation Help 


Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is:

·         Substituting a few words or phrases for the original text

·         Copying a major word or phrase “word-for word” without quotation marks or crediting the author

·         Paraphrasing without crediting the author

·         Taking an author’s idea without crediting the source


How can I avoid plagiarizing?

1.       Cite author’s words and/or ideas

2.       Learn how to paraphrase (so that you don’t have to “quote” everything)



1.       Read the entire text, noting key points and main ideas.

2.       In your own words summarize the single main idea of the essay in a short paragraph.

3.       In your own words, paraphrase (aka re-write) important supporting points that come up in the text.

4.       Consider any brief words, phrases, or brief passages you think should be quoted directly.

5.       Write your new passage using your summary and/or paraphrase, incorporating quotes when necessary. Be sure to cite your source, even if you don’t include quotes!






RefWorks -- Create Bibliographies Faster!


See what RefWorks can do for you! Here is demonstration of using RefWorks with PubMed.


To get started with RefWorks, sign-up for your free account and then begin importing citations from databases.


You can also sign-up for free classes at the Biomedical Library to learn how to use RefWorks.


RefWorks Quickstart Guide v4.2 UCSD.pdf

This guide provides a brief overview of RefWorks and how to use key features.

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