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MAE 156b: Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Design II: Searching Deeper

This guide is intended to highlight some of the most useful resources for this class. The majority of the information provided is through the library, but not available freely on the Web.

Citation Searching

This database covers a wide range of science disciplines. It is particularly useful in connecting documents through citations.  Once you find an article on your topic, is allows you to immediately get a list of all other articles that have referenced it.  This is a good way to expand your topic and find related research. A tutorial on how to perform this type of search can be found here.


This is the place to find patents in the US, and information related to patents. Both issued patents and patent applications can be searched. For more info on patent searching, see this S&E guide.

Product Information

If you are researching something that is already being manufactured, it will be useful to find information on that product and market.  Below are some links to help you do that.