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SciFinder @ UCSD: Get Started with SciFinder

What you need to know about using SciFinder at UCSD. Shortcut URL:
SciFinder is restricted to UCSD faculty, staff and students. Unlike most of our other electronic resources, there is no walk-in access available for non-UCSD affiliates on any library computer.

SciFinder is available 24/7, with the exception of 7-10pm on Saturdays and 2-10pm on the first Saturday each month.

In ChemDraw 15 and 16, you can draw your structures and launch a SciFinder search within the ChemDraw interface.

SciFinder system (browser/OS) requirements, and Java troubleshooting help.

Each SciFinder user must have their own account to login and search SciFinder.

First time using SciFinder at UCSD? Go to SciFinder at UC to register

  • You must be on the campus network (or protected wifi), or off-campus using VPN to access this site.
  • Register with your email address. If you don't see a confirmation email, check your spam folder.
  • If you have a SciFinder account from another school, including another UC, you must register again. Non-UCSD accounts will not work on our network.
  • UCSD/SDSU joint-enrollment students must also be on our network to register or use SciFinder through their UCSD account.

Already have a UCSD SciFinder account? Go to SciFinder, login and start searching.

  • You must also be on the UCSD network to use SciFinder. This includes the UCSD-Protected wifi network on campus, and the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect Client) for off campus access.
  • WebVPN ( does not work with SciFinder.
  • You'll need to login each time you use SciFinder.

SciFinder on Mobile Devices

  • Use SciFinder Mobile on your phone for quick author, topic, and chemical substance searches. VPN isn't required for off-campus access, but you will need your SciFinder login information.
  • On a tablet, SciFinder will direct to the full version (minus the structure editor). VPN is required for off-campus access.