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USP 143: The U.S. Health Care System: Managing your citations

This guide supports the research activity of the USP 143 class that is an overview of the organization of health care within the context of the community with emphasis on the political, social, and cultural influences.


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Why Do I Care About Managing Citations?

There are several reasons to find a good system for managing your citations:

  • Easier to properly cite your sources
  • Avoid plagiarism issues
  • Save yourself time and aggravation 

You have many options for how to manage your citations.  A list of programs that might interst you are below; however, you may find there are low tech options that work too.

  • Research log -- write it all down in a notebook

Style Guides

The more commonly known styles like APA or MLA have a variety of textbooks that outline how everything in the manuscript should be - from the in-text citations to the bibliography with or without italics, bolding, or underlining.  The library has many of them - check the list in Roger for details. 

A few are in electronic format, see below for details.