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USP 143: The U.S. Health Care System: Identifying Scholarly Articles

This guide supports the research activity of the USP 143 class that is an overview of the organization of health care within the context of the community with emphasis on the political, social, and cultural influences.

Can You Spot One When You See It?

Can You Spot One When You See It

Sometimes, a quick visual check may convince you that an article is a scholarly or even a peer-reviewed one.

What do you notice about the following excerpts from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)?

Screen shot from JAMA
Hopefully, you noticed the authors' affiliations, their credentials and the structured abstract.

What about this one from the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association?
Screen shot from JAMIA

Hopefully, you noticed the received & accepted dated. These dates reflect the peer-review process the article went throught before being published. As you can see, there was some time between those 2 dates. Did you also notice the structured abstract, the author affiliations and credentials?