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Everything you need to know about the UCSD Libraries annual Great Campus Race.

General Info

General Info

Move Fast,  Think Faster!


What: The Annual Great Campus Race.

This race is not your average race. While you will need to move quickly, success in this race depends as much (if not more) on how quickly you can solve the clues and how well you can chart your course as on how fast you can move. We challenge anyone who thinks they know our campus to come out, have some fun, and compete for some great prizes.

When: April 14th, 2012. The race will begin at 1:00 pm. Check-in will take place from 12 - 12:30. Last minute instructions and pre-race briefing at 12:45.

Where: The start and finish of the race will be on the forum level of the Geisel Library building. (The concrete patio under the main tower.)

Who: The race is open to all current UCSD students.

Sign Up

Sign ups have ended for the 2012 race.

To sign up, give us the names of the partners who will be racing, contact info, and a team name.  Also, walk-up registration will be allowed on race day until 12:30. By registering for this race you consent to allow the UCSD libraries to use or post in print or online any photographs and/or videos which may include you on the day of the race.

Prizes:  The first place team will receive a $200 Triton Gift Card. Second place will receive a $100 Triton Gift Card. Third place will receive a $50 Triton Gift Card.

Anyone who comes out to participate will be entered into a raffle for more great prizes.


The Great Campus Race consists of teams of two racers competing to solve clues directing them to locations ("checkpoints") around campus. The first team to be photographed at each of the checkpoints and return to the finish line wins.

You will need:


  •   A partner
  • A digital camera
  • Quick brains and quick feet


We highly recommend:


  • A phone
  •  Someone you can call with access to the Internet, or
  • A means to accessing the Internet on campus



When the race begins, you will be given a list of 10 clues that you must solve. The clues may be puzzles, pop culture trivia, UCSD trivia, or general knowledge questions. Once you have the list of clues, you can use any means to solve them. (e.g., your own brain, asking people you meet, searching the internet, calling someone) Many of these clues will require some outside knowledge, so it is highly recommended you have someone who you can call with access to the Internet and good searching skills, or you know places around campus where you can access the Internet.

The checkpoints do not have to be visited in any particular order. It is up to you to find the most efficient route.

Want some examples? See previous races for clues.


Checkpoints can be anything, but all will be publicly accessible. At each checkpoint, a photo must be taken with BOTH of the team members and the checkpoint. The checkpoint must be clearly identifiable in the photo. All checkpoints will be located on the UCSD campus.


Racers may only travel in two ways: their own two feet and/or a campus shuttle. No cars, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or other form of transportation will be allowed. Run, walk, or ride the shuttle. Be safe crossing streets and running through crowds. Racers in wheelchairs are welcome, but at least one team member must be on foot.

Physical obstruction of other teams in any way is prohibited and will result in disqualification.


When you have been photographed at all of the checkpoints, return to the finish line. The first team to return with all photos correct, as verified by race officials, will be the winners. All verification decisions made by officials will be final.


If you have any questions about the race, please email Dave Schmitt.  Contact info is on the main page.

Contact Info