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POLI 255: Urban Politics: Journal Articles & Dissertations

Finding Articles

Use the yellow UC-eLinks button to find the online full text or print articles when the article isn't automatically available full text in the database.

Databases marked with a blue lock  must be accessed from either on the UC San Diego campus network or else via Remote Access.

Put some thought into choosing your search terms and consider synonyms or alternative terms. AND, OR, and NOT can be used to combine or exclude search terms. Check the subject terms listed on your results for additional words to search.

For some topics, you may want to repeat your search in additional databases.

Most databases have a help link in the upper right-hand corner. The help screens will usually explain how to enter in keywords for the best search results.

Take advantage of additional database features such as citation formatting and limiting to academic journals.

Dissertations & Theses

Best Bet Article Databases

The databases below are likely the best places to begin research of scholarly articles. The library subscribes to many more databases, which you can find by reviewing individual subject guides; most guides will have an "articles" or "journals" tab, which will get you to a list of databases relevant to that subject.  There's also an alphabetical list of all databases we subscribe to, which is the quickest way to get to a database if you know what it's called.


Indexes & abstracts from many local history journals, including Journal of San Diego History and Southern California Quarterly.

Easy way to search across thousands of scholarly journals and websites for citations and articles. At UCSD (or through the proxy/VPN), you will see UC-eLinks - use this to check if we have the items you find.

Search by subject or browse full text of more than 500 scholarly journals in social sciences, humanities, and sciences, to their earliest issues. Many titles extend as far back as late 19th or early 20th centuries; most recent 3-5 years not included.

Together with the archive, covers 1915 - present. Indexes articles, books, government publications and more on wide ranging public policy issues.

1952 - present. Indexes articles, conference proceedings, books and more. Subjects covered include: Social structure, inequality, social change, social problems, demography & urban sociology.

1956-present. Includes Social Science Citation Index database. Provides author, keyword, and cited reference searching to the leading social sciences journals.

Latin American Studies

1970-present. Indexes journal articles on Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, the U.S.-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the U.S.

Clase indexes articles published in over 1200 Latin American journals in the social sciences and humanities; its companion index Periodica covers over 1400 Latin American journals in science and technology. The merged database has over 400,00 citations dating back to 1975.


Full texts of articles in a range of music journals and magazines.
Abstracts of music literature, with an international scope and focus on scholarly publications, from 1967-present.

Political Science

Includes research and working papers and an elibrary of articles. Some features require the creation of a (free) login.

1975 - present. Indexes the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.

Urban Studies & Planning

1982-present. Includes the full text of 12 journals covering such subjects as economic development, political science, public administration, residential and community development, sociology, urban and regional planning, urban politics, and more.

Indexes articles in Urban Studies & related disciplines from 1973-present. Some full-text available.


Search Tip: Melvyl now also includes citations to articles from many (but definitely not all) of UC San Diego's article databases. 

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Google Scholar

Bonus search tip: Google Scholar is a useful tool because it searches within the full text of articles. It's most useful when your topic is so narrow that you don't find much using the subject-specific databases.