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Latin American Studies: Government Resources

An introductory guide to doing research in Latin American studies in the UCSD Library

Guides to US and Latin American Government Documents

Latin American Government Resources

An excellent portal to many Latin American government resources is LANIC's Government Link (on its homepage). You can explore Latin American government websites by country, subject, branch (i.e. Law & Justice, Military, Political Parties), etc.

Government Resources from Other Countries

UN Resources

The United Nations page of the International Studies Research Guide provides links to internet and subscription-based resources to access all types of UN information.

The Main UN website has am amazing amount of information, but can be daunting.  One helpful strategy to navigating is to use the site index (found at the bottom of the homepage).

US Government Resources

There are many strategies for finding relevant US government resources. As stated above, a great starting point is the UCSD US Government Information Research Guide.  The databases, websites, and print guides/indexes listed below are also excellent.  Several of these resources will help you identify specific publications (with call numbers that you can browse around to find more) that will have information on your topic.  Finally, you can simply go to the shelves with print documents (Geisel 2W) and browse by call number.  In order to find out which call number to browse in, you need to understand that US government documents and publications are organized by the Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) Classification Scheme, which is based on US government agencies.  In order to find out what letters (stems of classification numbers) have been assigned to different agencies, you can use the list (scroll down to the bottom of the page) provided by the US Federal Depository Library Program.

Foreign (non-US) Census Data and Information

Foreign (Non-US) Election Data and Information