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PBL Information Resources and Tools for the First Year: Case 10: Charles Walls -- Dr. No

This guide provides resources and strategies for finding background, clinical and drug information, including evidence-based medicine strategies and specific information for problem-based learning exercises.


The following are textbooks of possible interest and are available either in print or online.  To find more books of interest, use the search box below.  

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Charles Walls -- Dr. No



Resources for this case include:

Textbook Suggestions (look left)

Quick Links - Handy Links to Familiar Resources

Short cut to the Evidence -- Cochrane Library

Dr. Konop's Stethoscope Tip

National or State Organizations -- patient language about antibiotics

Quick Access to Those Familiar Resources

Textbooks Drug Resoures   Synthesized Resources

Access Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology

Both of these tools can provide the  accepted therapy for common cold, influenze, and pneumonia.  Even though a drug resource, you can search with the disease name.



Up to Date

Get the overview on a disease as well as the pathophysiology and treatment information.



Short cut to the Evidence

One resource that is great to use when you have a question about something's effectiveness is the Cochrane Library.  The Cochrane sytematic reviews are regarded as the gold standard of systematic reviews and if you have one on your topic, the clinical research will be sythesized for you and a conclusion provided about the treatment you are investigating.  

Try it out with a search for tamiflu or better yet, the generic name of oseltamivir.  Additional terms might include adult to make sure you get systematic reviews for that population.

Dr. Konop's Stethoscope Tip

3M Littmann Learning Institute

Did you know that the Littmann stethoscope company has an education app?  If you bought their stethoscope, you can have full access to their library of sounds for free.  

The serial number on the chestpiece will unlock the content.  

What they offer includes self-paced lessons with heart and lung sounds, patient scenarios to help improve your diagnostic thinking, self-tests to track your progress, a sound library, and more.

Apple app store Google play store


National Organizations

National organizations

Ever wonder what flu is up to?  Now you can find out.  Check out one of these two resources to see fairly recent info on flu activity.  

Also, I have a couple of other worthwhile flu resources.

MedlinePlus: Information Tool for Patients

Not sure how to explain the no-antibiotics decision?  You might find some great tips for how to explain things in laymen language using resources found at  Check it out with, flu antibiotics.  You will find resources from the CDC, FDA, & more.

Search MedlinePlus: