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PBL Information Resources and Tools for the First Year: Case 4: Sunita Patel - What’s Wrong With Sunita?

This guide provides resources and strategies for finding background, clinical and drug information, including evidence-based medicine strategies and specific information for problem-based learning exercises.

Sunita Patel - What’s Wrong With Sunita?

What are your questions?  Do you have a question that requires general knowledge or background information?  Are you looking to find the best diagnostic tool for the patient or perhaps you have a treatment related (& thus, clinical) question?


A key resource, year after year, is Access Medicine with all those online books.  Here's a quick link to it.

But if it does not have what you need, perhaps these other texts will help.

Roger Search Box

Overview of Resources

As you have learned, a patient's family medical history is often an important piece of the puzzle. The Surgeon General's office has created a secure online tool for patients to organize and explore their own family medical history and Ohio State University Medical Center has a handy PDF to help sketch out the history.


Resources for this case include:

Textbook Suggestions (look left)

Genetic Resources & Calculations

Key Textbooks - regarding Thallassemia

National Organizations - Be the Match: Clinical

Synthesized Resources

PubMed Search Tips -- Ethics & Genetics Literature

Consumer Health Resources


Genetic Resources & Calculations

Genetic Resources


Genetic Calculations

National Organizations

Be the Match

This is an interesting national organization that has both patient and physician level information.  Their Bioinformatics section - especially their HLA resources - might be particularly informative.

Synthesized Resources

Synthesized Resources

A couple resources that might be familiar to you.  These are great resources for medical topics of various types and each has its own strengths.  Check out thalassemia or preimplantation genetic diagnosis in either one.  eMedicine requires creating a free account, but is worth the extra step.

PubMed Search Tips

Searching PubMed

1)  Ethics Literature  

PubMed has some good articles about the ethical situation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and having a child as a rescue for a child with thalassemia.  A simple search (I used the terms preimplantation genetic diagnosis AND tissue donor) along with the filter for Bioethics gives a nice set of articles. (Find the filter for Bioethics by clicking "Show Additional Filters" on the left side and adding the "Subjects" group.  Bioethics is one of the options under Subjects.)  


An alternate search, although very narrow, is to add thalassemia:

preimplantation genetic diagnosis thalassemia

You will find a great discussion has been occurring regarding this topic in the past couple of years.  

Example Citations from Bioethics Filter Search & the MeSH Search with a Subheading
There is some overlap with each search but also some unique items.that each will retrieve.


2) Medical Genetics Literature

Link for Clinical Queries

For molecular genetics articles in PubMed, they may be a little tricky to zone in on just the articles you want or to really find what you need.  For example, if you wanted articles on preimplantation genetic diagnosis AND thalassemia AND molecular genetics, your results in PubMed would be less than 20, but I know there are more than that.  One quick solution to getting some on-target, very relevant articles is to use PubMed's Clinical Queries tool.  You'll find it right on the front page of PubMed.


Next, type in your search terms - this time, just use preimplantation genetics AND thalassemia major (with or without the AND) and once you see the results, set the selection box to "Molecular Genetics".



Molecular genetics in PubMed


This search will give you over 70 articles and many of them seem to be relevant.


Consumer Health Resources