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IRCO 412: Globalization, the World System and the Pacific: Home

Selected links spanning the GPS curriculum.

Economist Americas


Economist Asia





This guide outlines the research products and sites that are tapped most frequently and successfully by students across the GPS curriculum. Some of the items highlighted here are essential to the completion of your upcoming assignments in this class, and many more of them will come into play at some time in your GPS career. Revisiting this guide can help you gather core starting points for research assignments in other classes.

Begin navigating to resources via the light blue theme tabs above. The blue lock images Licensed by UCSDseen next to some research links denote library subscription products. Our subscribed resources should allow you automatic (no login) access when reached from an on-campus computer. All off-campus connections to subscription sites require a valid campus remote access configuration.

Monthly Feature: LatinNews

A selection of recent articles from our Latin American Newsletters (London) subscription, with daily, weekly, and monthly news and analysis from Mexico, Central America and Caribbean, Andean Group, and Brazil and Southern Cone.

Council on Foreign Relations


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Center for Security Studies