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SPPS 221: Pharmaceutical Chemistry: SciFinder

Information resources for pharmaceutical chemistry

Connecting to SciFinder

SciFinder requires a one-time registration. To register, start here.

To connect to SciFinder, login with your username and password at

Using SciFinder for Your Assignment

  • Use the Explore Substances option to locate find the CAS Registry record for your drug. It defaults to Chemical Structure, so change the search to Substance Identifier.
  • When the results come up, click on Substance Detail to get the full record. This will bring up DATA for your substance, with Predicted/Calculated and Experimental Properties. If it says "See Text" for an experimental property, you will need to go to the actual article to get that data.
  • To find an article on preparation, click on the green flask to Get Reactions. To refine the list of reactions to locate a journal article:
    • Analyze the results by Journal Name. This will eliminate the references coming from patent records. However, you may also see non-English language journals, OR
    • You can group the references by document. This gives you a better sense of the number of papers available vs. reactions, since there are often multiple reactions in each paper or patent.