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Residents: Getting Started at UC San Diego: Find Articles

A guide for new clinical residents on the resources and services available at the UC San Diego Libraries.


This page has been retired.

Please visit its replacement: Clinical Essentials Guide



The UCSD Libraries have many article databases to select from as well as many clinically-focused tools. 

Use this page to learn more about:



Don't forget to check the right-hand sidebar for details about

  • Can I search for articles from home?
  • What if the journal (or article) I need isn't here - can Interlibrary Loan help?

How Can I Find a Specific Article?

Sometimes you know exactly what article you want and you're just trying to figure out if you can get a copy at the library.  If you have the citation information (title, author, journal title, volume number, etc.), there are 2 ways you can find out.

Harnad, S. "Why and how we are Not Zombies." Journal of Consciousness Studies 1.2 (1994): 164-7. 

1.  Catalog Search

  • Go to the catalog
  • Do at Title/Journal Title search for the name of the journal
  • If you get too many results limit it to Journals/Serials
  • E-journals are found in the same way.  If a journal is available online,  links are provided to the full-text.
  • If the article isn't available online, check to see if we have the year you need in print. Then note the Location & Call Number.


2.  Citation Linker -- using UC-eLinks

  • Go the Citation Linker form
  • Select the type of item you seek -- book, book chapter, journal article, etc. 
  • Fill in as much information as you have -- the example below is an article with the article title, name of the journal, & the volume number
  • Click Continue   

Citation Linker1

  • The UC-eLinks screen (see below) will appear with your options for electronic access or print aceess th rough Roger (see instructions above) 
  • If we don't have the article you need, use the Request link and request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.  Articles are usually sent by email in 4-7 business days.


How Can I Get to the Full-Text?

How to find the full-text of the article:

Some databases include the full text of the article in the database.  Look for icons or links that say:

  • HTML  (good version for reading on a computer screen)
  • PDF  (good version for printing or saving to a portable drive)
  • Full Text  (no specific format listed, but full text nonetheless)

If the article isn't available full-text within the database you found it, click on the orange UC-eLinks button  uc elinks to checkfor other full text as well as print options.  UC-eLinks checks to see if the article is available through UC San Diego Libraries's subscriptions - whether it is online or in print. 

UC-eLinks makes it easy to:

  1. Check for online access
  2. Check the catalog (Roger) for the print version
  3. Use Request to have us get a copy from another library (known as interlibrary loan)
  4. Format the citation information in one of 5 sytles to easily paste into your bibliography - use Copy & Paste citation

uc elinks menu



Off-Campus Access

Can I search for articles at home?

Yes! The Libraries online resources are restricted so that only current UCSD faculty, staff, and students can view them from off-campus. In order to get access to these resources from an off-campus computer, you need to connect your computer to the UCSD network.

There are three ways to do this:

  1. Proxy server 

  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  3. Web VPN

The article I need isn't here - How can I get a copy?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the service libraries provide when they do not own the item you want.  We will work with our partner libraries and borrow a book, video, or get a scan of a journal article at your request. 

  • If working in a database, look for the Request link in UC-eLinks (see the box, How to get to full text for a picture). 

  • Know the details of a specific citation you need?  If so, use Citation Linker to look for it in UCSD's collection and make your request if we don't have it.  (See details).