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International Physicians' Information: Search Tips

PubMed Tools

Did you know that in PubMed you can:

Google Scholar

Google's special section for searching just the journal literature is called Google Scholar (  The following are a few considerations and some tips for searching:

  • Use the Advanced Search page to specify journal names, dates or ranges of dates, and more.

    Then enter the information you seek.

  • Keep in mind:  The articles at the top of the results are NOT the most recent articles, but ones that are very popular and highly cited.  Use the option to set a span of years - perhaps the last 2 years to get more recent articles.
  • Author searching is more precise when you connect the names and initials.  For example:  author:stimson-nf 
  • Use intitle:word you want in title  or  allintitle:article title here to let Google Scholar know you want a word or several words to be in the title.  (Note - there is a colon and no space between it and the word you want in the title.