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Problem-based Learning & Finding the Evidence: What About Citations in Slides?

Citations in (PowerPoint) Slides

Inserting Citations when Using Slides

If you use slides as your document choice (instead of a Word document), the requirement for citing sources has not changed, but how they are cited will need to.  Think of citations in this format as citations in footnotes - not that you will add a footnote, just that each "page" will have, at the bottom usually, your citation(s).  If you want, you can still do a page at the end with all the citations.  This is the typical format for a medicine or science related desk of slides.

Q:  How should they look?

A:  They will still have the format of either the autor/date or numbered style.

Q:   If I used numbered style, can't I just put a number?

A:   For some that may be okay, but it would be better to follow the standard format of including a reference on the slide where you place an image, use a quote, or paraphrase it.