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ETHN 100A: Theories and Methods in Ethnic Studies/100B: Methods for Interdisciplinary Research: Primary Sources

UC San Diego Library Special Collections and Archives

Encompassing UC San Diego's Mandeville Special Collections and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives, Special Collections & Archives houses a wide range of rare books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, artworks, recordings, and archives. These primary source materials support UCSD's instructional and research programs, and distinguish UCSD's library collections from all other research universities.

Special Collections focuses on building its collections in concert with UCSD’s academic programs to build comprehensive research collections around specific subjects. Areas of exceptional strength include:

  • Early voyages of exploration and discovery to the Pacific prior to 1850
  • Scientific endeavors in marine sciences, post-1850
  • Spanish Civil War - the largest extant collection on the subject
  • Post-1945 American poetry in the "alternative" tradition, including extensive collections of poets' manuscripts and correspondence
  • History of San Diego, southern California, and Baja California
  • Contemporary science and public policy, including the personal archives of some of the nation's most renowned scientists
  • Culinary history of Mexico, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim
  • Melanesian anthropology
  • The UCSD Archives document the history of the campus

Digitization has made many of UCSD’s special collections more widely accessible. Search or browse the digital library collections here:

Primary Sources: Ethnic Studies

Looking for primary sources?  Try the resources below!

Primary Sources: General

Digital Versions of UC San Diego Archives

We have scanned a wealth of materials from the UC San Diego University Archives collections, available in the library's Digital Collections including official campus news releases, student newspapers, photos, and perhaps a few other kinds of things related to protests and demonstrations on campus scanned from materials right here in the Library.

News releases  - while coming from the campus perspective, can be incredibly helpful when you need to pin down names, dates of events, or other such factual information, and can thus help make other searches more precise (e.g. looking through the student newspapers). They can also simply help you fill in factual and contextual gaps in your understanding of campus history. And of course, they give you insight into the official campus (public) perspective on things.