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Physics & Astronomy: Find Physical Property Data

Basic guide to resources in physics and astronomy

Online Resources for Property Data

Some key resources to start your property data search.

Property Data - Print Resources

We still have a lot of property data handbooks in the library, including classic titles like Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure (volume 4 has v00 values, for example).

There are several ways to locate data handbooks in the library:

  • A keyword search in our library catalog may be helpful depending on the property in question. Adding tables or data to the search can refine your results.

  • Arizona State maintains an Index of Physical, Chemical and Other Property Data. You can browse their A-Z list of properties to find associated print/online sources.
    • Call numbers, URLs and availability are for the ASU copies. Use our catalog to verify availability and URL/call number.

Units, Quantities & Constants in Physical Chemistry

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