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SOMi 220: Core Topics in Biomedical Sciences: Background Info Resources


Looking for basic - or background - information on a topic is best done in textbooks or other resources that compile the known and standard information into a single resource.  For example, if you need to know more about what Graves' disease is or what the usuall treatment is, an article search probably will not help as much looking it up in a textbook (either print or our online books) or some of our synthesized resources (First Consult, UptoDate).

Online Textbooks

Online Books & Textbook Collections

In most cases, when searching in these resources one word or phrase is better than a long question or multiple concepts. 

Synthesized Resources

These resources are more clinically focused but can be used also like an encyclopedia about some topics.

Lab Tests Info

Looking up information about the results of lab tests are mostly background questions.  The following resources are easy to use tools to find very reliable information about the normal values, reference ranges, and more.

Differential Diagnosis Tools

Symptoms and differential diagnositic information is often buried in a number of our resources.  However, a few tools (both online and for your smart phone/PDA) have special tools to help with this process.