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SOMi 220: Core Topics in Biomedical Sciences: Library Basics

Special Spaces

The Biomedical Library Building has a few unique spaces where you can work in maximum quiet, work late (or early, very early), or work with a group.  

  • Quiet Study room:  upstairs, just across from the group study rooms, is a space with individual cubicals and students with a serious committment to quiet.  Even your snacks should be quiet ones - e.g., no carrots.   
  • Graduate Study space:  across the breezeway from the main entrance, is a 2 room space with 4 ACMS computers and a printer with 24/7 access.  While not limted to medical students, the only people who qualify for a key card are grad students (of any discipline).  Stop by the main desk to apply for the card - it takes about 24 hours to process.  
  • Group Study rooms:  all throughout the building.  Rooms that accommodate 4 - 10 (or even more for our modifiable double rooms) can be reserved for up to 3 hours and you can plan up to 2 days ahead of time.  The rooms are unlocked, so they are available when not in use - the reservation guarantees your priority in using any of these rooms.
  • See more -- Google us and zoom in for Googles floor maps display.  They came by a while ago to map the building.