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ETHN 201: Historical Methods and Archives: Finding Primary Sources

Primary Sources: Ethnic Studies - Get Started

Looking for primary sources?  Try the resources below!

What is a Finding Aid?

A finding aid is essentially an inventory of the contents of a manuscript or archival collection.A finding aid will provide an overview of the collection, some background information, and a list of the contents of the collection - sometimes only at a very general level. In most cases, finding aids do not list each item contained within the collection, but rather identify the given names of boxes or folders of materials. The onus is on the researcher to suss out which sections of the collections may be worth investigating more closely, and then arrange a visit to the collection for in depth researhch, and/or correspond with a librarian or archivist regarding reproductions.

Governmental Primary Sources

For further information on Government Information as a primary source, check out the page of this guide titled, "Finding Government Information" from the tabs at the top of the guide.

As a teaser, here's the link to the National Archives (US):

Primary Sources: Additional Resources