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ETHN 201: Historical Methods and Archives: Legislative

Legislative Documents

Please be aware that ProQuest, HeinOnline and Readex resources are available remotely only to the UCSD community. Anyone may use these resources within the library, however. The UCSD Libraries also have print copies of many of these documents; use the library catalog to find call numbers and locations.

FDsys       Thomas    ProQuest    HeinOnline  Readex   
Bills 1993-         1973- 1989-
Committee Prints       1991- 1830-  
Committee Reports 1995- 1995- 1990- 1817-1980
Congressional Record (& predecessors) 1994- 1989- 1789- 1774-  
Congressional Record Index 1983-    
Documents 1985- 1995- 1817-1980  
Hearings 1985- 1824-1979* 1927-1994  
Private Laws 1995- 1989-
Public Laws 1995- 1973- 1988-
Statutes at Large 1951-     1789-  
U.S. Code 1994-   current 1925-  
Voting Records 1989- 1987-

*Plus selected testimony transcripts 1988-current.

Congress-to-Year Conversion:

93rd 1973-1974 103rd 1993-1994
94th 1975-1976 104th 1995-1996
95th 1977-1978 105th 1997-1998
96th 1979-1980 106th 1999-2000
97th 1981-1982 107th 2001-2002
98th 1983-1984 108th 2003-2004
99th 1985-1986 109th 2005-2006
100th 1987-1988 110th 2007-2008
101st 1989-1990 111th 2009-2010
102nd 1991-1992 112th 2011-2012

Track Current Legislation

These resources will help track current legislation by topics, bills, and/or members of Congress.

Research Reports

Research reports prepared for the Congress generally provide excellent background information on the topic covered. Congressional Research Service reports, described and linked in the box below, are one form of these. Others include Congressional Budget Office reports, Government Accountability Office reports, and committee prints.

Congressional Research Service Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the public policy research arm of the United States Congress. The reports produced by CRS constitute a wonderful source for non-partisan, high-quality research on timely issues. Despite a lengthy battle to secure free and open access to these documents, they are not routinely released beyond Congress. Several organizations, including those below, have worked to gain access to many of these documents and make them widely available.