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Soc 106: Comparative and Historical Methods: UC-eLinks

Locating articles through UC-eLinks

If an article database itself doesn't have full-text, look for the  button (next to or beneath the article citation in the database) to locate the article.  Clicking on the button will bring up a new window listing your options for getting the article.  The full-text may appear in the new window, or you may see an option to "Get it online from:" followed by links to click on.  You may be taken to an ejournal site and asked to locate and click on the PDF for your particular article.  Or you may need to hunt for the PDF icon.  These are only some of the options for full-text you might see.

Not all articles will be available full-text.  If that's the case, in the UC-eLinks window you'll need to click the "Check the UCSD Library Catalog: Roger" link to see if that issue of your magazine or journal is available in paper on campus.  If not, click the "Check the UC Libraries Catalog" link and verify that another UC library has that issue.  If they do, go back to the UC-eLinks window and click the "Request this from another library..." link.  Your article will be scanned at that library and the PDF file made available to you.  That can take 3 - 5 days.