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Pharmacy Students and Residents: Getting Started at UC San Diego: Managing Citations

A guide for new Pharmacy students and residents on the resources and services available at the UC San Diego Library.

Citation Management Programs

If you decide to use a program to manage citations, you have choices, but which one do you pick?    Think about which features you need and what options are most important.  You can use the tables below to help guide you.

  • The first one is a list of the common tasks you might want a program to perform.
  • The second one compares the basic features most everyone asks about
  • The third one looks at PDF management capabilities
  • The fourth one compares organization, management, & collaboration capabilities.
  • The last one compares the migration procedures of the different programs.

If it all leaves you confused, there is help.  If you start with one program and want to switch, you can take most, if not all of what you have, with you to a new program

We have online guides specific to each program, so when you make your decision, you can find more detailed help here:

Ask a Librarian

Get help when you need it. Check out the options.