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BICD 110: Cell Biology: Find + Get Journal Articles

Search BIOSIS Citation Index

BIOSIS Citation Index

The BIOSIS Citation Index database is an excellent database for biology topics. BIOSIS coverage includes over 6000 journals, conference proceedings, books, & technical reports in all aspects of biological sciences. Use the Cited Reference search feature to search for lists of articles citing your reference.

Sample searches of BIOSIS Citation Index:

  1. Cell signal* process* [the asterisk * symbol is a 'wild card' truncation technique: signal* will get signals, signaling, signalling, etc.]
  2. Mitosis sea urchin* (green OR purple)

Search PubMed


PubMed is the premier database for human health, medicine, genetics, and molecular biology.  Use it to access articles discussing molecular biology, genetics, and the cellular basis of health and disease.

Sample searches of PubMed:

  1. Mitochondrial dna analysis
  2. Mouse model* human health


Using UC-eLinks to get full-text articles

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