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Chemistry & Biochemistry Research Guide: ChemDraw, Lab Videos

Online and and print information resources for chemistry and biochemistry researchers and students. Shortcut -

ChemOffice & ChemDraw @ UCSD

This is a campus-wide license, funded by a joint contribution from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and ACMS.

  • For Windows: ChemOffice 15, which includes ChemDraw 14, Chem3D, and other programs (complete list here).
  • For Macs: ChemDraw 15.

PerkinElmer offers a rich collection of training webinars, shorter video clips, and other support resources.

New with ChemDraw 15: you can now integrate SciFinder into the ChemDraw search interface so you can send your ChemDraw structures and reactions directly to SciFinder (once you login) without having to copy/paste or import

To get ChemOffice/ChemDraw:

  • Register with PerkinElmer (formerly CambridgeSoft), using your email address.
  • Once ACMS confirms your status, they will email you the instructions to download and activate the software. Please contact ACMS ( if you have any questions, as they are the ones who manage the ChemDraw account.

Mnova NMR Lite 5.2.5

Mnova NMR Lite 5.2.5 is included in the ChemOffice package. However, it requires its own license activation (form and instructions). Once Mestrelab verifies your license details (about 3 working days), they will email you the necessary license file.

More Structure Drawing Programs

Safety Videos from UCSD

A list of safety videos is available on the Blink safety portal. Some were produced by Dr. Haim Weizman in the Department of Chemisty and Biochemistry, including A Day in the Lab (A PI's Perspective). The other videos were produced elsewhere.

You can also view the UCSD safety videos on their YouTube channel, which may have more recent videos that haven't been embedded on the Blink page.

More Safety Videos

The Safety Zone blog at Chemical & Engineering News has put together of list of lab safety videos, arranged by topic: emergency response, hazardous waste, pyrophorics, fume hoods, eye protection and more (includes the UCSD videos). The Dow Lab Safety Academy also has an extensive collection of safety videos.