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Cognitive Science Research Guide: Books & Ebooks

We have an extensive collection of books (print and electronic) that cover cognitive science and related disciplines.

There is no one section where all of the books would be located, as books may be found in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics, philosophy and education among others.


1. Start with a keyword search for a topic

2. Locate titles of interest and keep track of call numbers and subject headings/tags.  Our materials are organized by topic, so find one related book and browse at others next to it.

New CogSci Resources

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Key Ebook Collections for Cognitive Science

Search for titles in Roger or search directly at the publishers' websites below. This will allow you to search the full text of their books and (if they publish journals) journal articles.

Note: you may come across titles on some of these sites that are not part of our licensed collections, in which case you can request a copy from another library.

How to Search for Books & Ebooks

If you need a book or ebook:

1. Search for your resource in our library catalog, Roger. (To see ebooks only, on your results page, use the collections dropdown to choose "Electronic Materials")

2. If we don't have it, there will be links on the right side of the catalog screen for an automatic search of our other catalogs, Circuit and Melvyl. They will search all San Diego libraries and all the UCs. 

3. If you see your resource in any of those catalogs, click the "Request" button and we will borrow that item from those libraries on your behalf.  For free.

4. If no one has it, use the Interlibrary Loan form below and we will find it.


* If you think UCSD should own a particular book or ebook, use the Recommend a Purchase form below.