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Ebooks @ UCSD: Troubleshooting Ebooks

Locating and using the ebook collections at UCSD.


Using the ebooks will be an easy, seamless experience, most of the time. However....

If you have problems accessing an ebook, here are a few things you can try first. And if these don't work, contact us so that we can report it to the appropriate vendor.

  1. Make sure you are connected through VPN if you're off campus. If you can access this JSTOR article, it's working properly.
    • Enabling off-campus access. Change the Group setting to allthruucsd for VPN.
    • On campus and using a laptop? Make sure you're on the Protected Wifi and not the Guest Wifi.
  2. Try additional web browsers, particularly if you're on a Macbook.
  3. Mouse over the ebook link in the Roger record to see if the URL starts with There are been some reports of problems with the DOIs resolving. You can often bypass this by going directly to the publisher listed in that link--like Wiley or Springer--and search the platform for the title of your book. This won't work for ebrary, EBSCO and EBL titles.

There are some issues specific to the aggregator platforms: ebrary, EBSCO, and EBL, each with their own support site you may want to consult as well. EBL's is within the actual reader.

For example:

  • Some features like placing email notifications for alerts when EBSCO ebook titles are not available if we haven't yet purchased the book.  ebook to get an email notification when it becomes available.
  • Also with EBSCO, you need to make sure that Adobe Reader is set so PDFs are read within the browser. Otherwise you may only get one page at a time to load when you turn them. Firefox users will have to adjust a browser setting.

Operating Systems & Browsers

You can also check the ebrary, EBSCO and EBL support pages to find the system requirements to make sure that your operating system and web browser(s) are supported.

For example, ebrary supports Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, and OSX 10.8 and 10.9. Browser requirements for ebrary: latest version of Chrome, latest 2 versions of Safari and Firefox, and IE 9, 10 and 11. IE9 users should make sure compatibility mode is off.