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Human Development 191: Observations to Topic: What is Site Responsive Research?


"Partna, let me upgrade ya."

Responsive Topic

The first step towards completing your research packet is to decide your research topic.  You have already gone over what components are necessary for a good research question, but another important aspect of your question is that it is site responsive.

Your final product (your paper) should be something that you can give to your site to upgrade it, or leave it better than when you arrived.  It should offer them new information or a better understanding of something related to what they do, but most importantly, it should be something they care about. 


How do you find this out?

  • Ask your site mentor(s) or the volunteers or the teachers first.
  • You may also begin observations, then consult with any of the above to see if they are interested in what you have observed.



By taking the time to figure out what they want to know or what they care about, you are ensuring that your final research has meaning.