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Linguistics Research Guide: Books & eBooks

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Books and journals in the UC San Diego Library are arranged on the shelves by call numbers that start with letters.

Most linguistics materials are classed in P-PM--in the Geisel Library Building, these books will be found on the 7th floor. 

Please note that materials are also housed in off-site locations, including the Annex and SRLF--this will be indicated in the Roger record;  materials stored off-site may be requested through Roger.

The most relevant call numbers for linguistics and language study are:


Psychology (especially near BF 723, for cognition)


Communication in general, including general linguistics. Specific numbers, or ranges of numbers, are used to sub-classify, e.g. P 37 psycholinguistics; P 41 sociolinguistics; P 215-240 phonology; P 301 discourse analysis and sylistics.


Classical (Western) languages and philology in general, and Latin and Greek; Byzantine and modern Greek; Medieval and modern Latin.


Modern languages and philology (in general); Celtic languages


Romance languages and philology: 1000-Italian; 2001-3761 French and Provençal; 3801-3976 Catalan; 4000 Spanish; 5000 Portuguese


Germanic languages and philology: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Old Norse.


Germanic languages and philology: English.


Germanic languages and philology: Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish, Friesian, German.


Slavic languages/philology and literatures.  2000 Russian


Finno-Ugrian and Uralic languages/philology and literatures. Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, 5001-Basque


Oriental languages/philology and literatures. (1000-Egyptian & Coptic, 2301-2551 Hamitic, 3001-9293 Semitic).


Indo-Iranian languages and literatures, including Vedic, Sanskrit, Pali, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali); 8001-8958 Armenian; 9001-Caucasian and Georgian)


Eastern Asian, Africa, and Oceania. 500-700 Japanese; 901-49 Korean, 1000-2239 Chinese, 5001-7511 Oceanic, 8001-8844 African.


1-7356 Native languages of the Americas; 7800-Mixed and Creole languages, 8000-9021 Artificial languages.


Neurological/psychological aspects of language.

Z 7001-04

Some bibliographies of linguistics.

How to Search for Books & Ebooks

If you need a book or ebook:

1. Search for your resource in our library catalog, Roger. (To see ebooks only, on your results page, use the collections dropdown to choose "Electronic Materials")

2. If we don't have it, there will be links on the right side of the catalog screen for an automatic search of our other catalogs, Circuit and Melvyl. They will search all San Diego libraries and all the UCs. 

3. If you see your resource in any of those catalogs, click the "Request" button and we will borrow that item from those libraries on your behalf.  For free.

4. If no one has it, use the Interlibrary Loan form below and we will find it.


* If you think UCSD should own a particular book or ebook, use the Recommend a Purchase form below.