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Linguistics Research Guide: Data-Statistics


If you are interested in data and statistics, we have an entire research guide just for that!

Tab Content
  • Library data services
  • Slides - Introduction to Data and Statistics Research
  • Featured Resource - Proquest Statistical Insight
  • Multidisciplinary Finding Tools
What is Data?

Explanations of:

  • data vs. statistics
  • aggregate/macrodata vs microdata
  • datasets, studies, and series
  • types of data
Frequently Used Statistics
  • List of most frequently used statistics tools
Frequently Used Data
  • List of data collections and dataset finders
Find Data
  • List of subpages for finding data by topic area
Statistical Analysis Software
  • About the Data/GIS Lab
  • List of statistical software in the Library
Data APIs
  • List of datasets or resources that provide an API (Application Program Interface) or some bulk download mechanism
Text Mining
  • List of freely available corpora & bulk data
  • Tutorials

Social Media Data via Crimson Hexagon

  • Explanation of using Crimson Hexagon to gather social media data