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MLAIB on CSA Illumina: Scope


The Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLAIB) is the primary bibliographic database of articles, book chapters, books, dissertations, published conference proceedings and other materials in the fields of modern (i.e., non-Classical) literatures, folklore, and language. It also contains many citations in the non-technical areas of film, theater, and performance studies, although they are not covered comprehensively. Since “Cultural Studies” is a broad and interdisciplinary concept, the MLAIB may not be the best resource for every topic in this field.

All of the UC campuses provide MLAIB on a platform called CSA Illumina, a product of the company ProQuest. The following instructions refer primarily to the Advanced Search mode, which is the default mode that most UCSD has selected to display. To change the mode, click on the blue tab along the top row of tabs that says “Quick Search.”

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