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MMW 14: Revolution, Industry and Empire: High Use Shelves

High Use Shelves in Geisel

MMW High Use ShelvesThe Research Assistance Desk (RAD) on the main floor of the Geisel Library has MMW materials set aside on High Use Shelves. These shelves have specialized encyclopedias to help you get started. 

  • Each quarter MMW-appropriate books are put on the High Use Shelves. 
  • These sources are a great place to pick or narrow a topic. 
  • Like all scholarly info, these encyclopedias contain bibliographies (references) that take you to related research to explore. 
  • High Use books don't check out, so they're always available.
  • A partial list of what's on the High Use Shelves is available below.

Partial List of High Use Shelves Books

Here's some of what's on the High Use Shelves:

Title Call Number
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment B802 .E532003v.2&3
Chronology of European History D 11 .C57 1997 v.2&3
The Timetables of History D 11 .G78 2005
Chronology of World History D 11 .M39 1999 v.3&4
Global History: Cultural Encounters from Antiquity to the Present D 20 .G57 2004 v.1-4
World Eras D 20 .W67 2001 v.9
The Illustrated History of the World D 21 .R63 1999 v.7&8
World Monarchies and Dynasties D 21 .W929 2004 v.1-3
Oxford Atlas of World History D 21.5 .O94 2003
Handbook of European History, 1400-1600 D 203 .H36 1994 v.1-2
The ABC-CLIO World History Companion to the Industrial Revolution D 359.7 .S74 1996
Encyclopedia of Romanticism DA 529 .E53 1992
A Companion to Nineteenth Century Britain DA 530 .C76 2004
Bibliography of British History, 1851-1914 DA 530 .H35
The Encyclopedia of the Victorian World DA 550 .E53 1996
Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia DA 550 .V53 1988
France: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present DC 35 .R64 2004
Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution 1789-1799 DC 147 .H57 1985 v.2
Companion to the French Revolution DC 147 .P38 1988
Chronicle of the French Revolution, 1788-1799 DC 148 .C47 1989
A Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution DC 148 .D5313 1989
The Longman Companion to the French Revolution DC 148 .J57 1988
Encyclopedia of Russian History DK 14 .E53 2004 v.1-4
Great Dates in Islamic History DS 35.627 .G74 1996
The Middle East: A Political Dictionary DS 61 .Z58 1992
Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives
DS 334.9 .C36 1989
Sources of Indian Tradition DS 423 .S64 1988 v.1&2
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of China DS 705 .C35 1991
China: Empire and Civilization DS 706 .C4945 2000
Sources of Chinese Tradition DS 721 .D37 1999 v.1-2
Modern China: A Chronology from 1842 to the Present DS 755 .M2
Japan and the World, 1853-1952 DS 881.96 .J36 1989
Encyclopedia of African History and Culture DT 3 .P27 2005 v.3-4
A History of Private Life GT 2400 .H5713 1987 v.4
Documents of the Industrial Revolution 1750-1850 HC 254 .5 .T36
The World that Trade Created: Society, Culture,
and the World Economy
HF 352 .P66 2006
Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present HF 1373 .W67 2004 v.1-4
A Century of World Communism HX 36 .P76
The Thought of Karl Marx HX 39.5 .M28 1980
Encyclopedia of the History of science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Q 124.8 .E53 1997
Encyclopedia of the Scientific Revolution: from Copernicus to Newton Q 125 .E53 2000