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SciFinder @ UCSD: Troubleshooting SciFinder

SciFinder is available 24/7, except (in Pacific time):

  • 7-10pm Saturday
  • First Saturday of each month, 2-10pm

Please make sure you are using a supported operating system and web browser. However, SciFinder may also work on Chrome even though it is not supported by CAS.

Commonly Experienced Problems with SciFinder.

Structure editor not loading?
Because of recent security issues with Java and the Java plug-in, some users may have trouble with the Java-based structure editor not loading, particularly on Macs. SciFinder now defaults to a non-Java based editor, which you should use if you can't fix the Java issues. Also:

  • If you are being prompted to allow the Java applet to run in SciFinder, please allow it to run. In Java 7 Update 51 you can also to add to the Exception Site List.
  • Check the CAS system requirements page for Java updates from CAS.

Message: "Not Authorized from this IP address"
Your computer's IP address has not been authenticated for UCSD. If you're off-campus, make sure that your VPN access is working correctly. If you are on-campus and using your laptop, make sure you're logged in on the UCSD-PROTECTED wifi network.

If you had a SciFinder account at a previous institution, make sure you are using the one you created at UCSD. Accounts created elsewhere will not be recognized on our network.

Forgot Your Password?
You can reset your password if you have forgotten it. The Library does not have access to create or edit user accounts, so I may need to contact CAS directly to get their assistance in resolving any account issues (800-848-6538 or